About Us

CV Pillay Herbalist is Durban’s longest-running purveyor of traditional herbal remedies – and is also among the oldest businesses of its kind in South Africa. Since 1909, CV Pillay has been preparing and selling high-quality, competitively priced traditional medicines, both direct to the Durban public and as a wholesaler supplying other outlets.

We are staunch supporters of holistic healing practices and are passionate about sharing these with the public at large, driven by a strong belief that these remedies can promote wellness and healthier living in the modern era.

We are extremely proud of the company’s South African roots and always give back to our home community and support other local businesses, especially individual herbal healers who would not otherwise have a wider outlet for their products. We have a strong ethos of staff empowerment and community upliftment.

CV Pillay’s business ethic is simple: excellent, high quality products that deliver value for money through a combination of conscientious production and procurement, and reasonable pricing.

Refusing all claims to proprietary knowledge, we believe that the ingredients and practices that go into our products are to be shared with the public at large. There are no secret formulas – everything is made thoroughly transparent to customers.

Well over a century after its founding, CV Pillay thrives as a family-run firm, recognised as a dependable supplier of quality plant-based medicines. Having brought our work fully into the 21st Century, we now strive to ensure the longevity of herbalist and homeopathic medicine for future generations.

Our History

The company is named for its founder, CV Pillay, who was born into a poor family in India and, as a teenager, made his way to South Africa as an indentured labourer. He had nurtured aspirations to be a self-dependent entrepreneur from a young age, and he hadn’t been in Durban long before he spotted the opportunity that might serve as the basis for his business. He was introduced to traditional Zulu inyangas – or herbal healers – who made all kinds of herbal remedies according to ancient traditions. He became fascinated with their healing practices and worked hard to learn all he could about them.

When he completed his indentureship, he set about establishing his business, aiming to bring traditional herbalism to a wider commercial market. In 1909, he set up his first store in Queen’s Street, Durban and dedicated most of the remainder of his life to building the business and ensuring its success. He soon built his reputation on quality products, sold at prices that ensured value for money, as well as a knack for building good relationships with his customers, through high standards of personalised, honest, extra-mile service.

Today, we continue to uphold the standards and values that CV Pillay put in place.


Our Values

Provide quality products

Find quality assured, tried and tested holistic healing products and remedies at our branch.

Honesty and transperency

We’ve been providing traditional herbal products to customers for over 100 years with no regrets !

Best value for money

Get natural products at affordable prices when you shop at CV Pillay Herbalist.