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CV Pillay believes very strongly in ensuring that our products are affordable so that their benefits can be enjoyed by customers of all socioeconomic circumstances. We are careful to price our products fairly and competitively.

Although we strive to keep our prices low, we never skimp on the quality of ingredients or preparation that goes into our products. We maintain the careful, handmade tradition on which our founder set up the business and are not satisfied unless we supply the best quality herbal medicines at prices that ensure value for money.

We have a strict policy of openness and honesty with our customers. We do not keep any secrets regarding the ingredients and preparation of our products, nor about any other aspects of our work. Our aim is wellness and empowerment and we pursue that aim in our interactions with each and every customer.

We supply a variety of herbal remedies, both our own brand and products made by other South African herbalists, all based on the ancient Zulu inyanga tradition. Check out some of the brands that we stock created by fellow African herbalists, all of whom supply a variety of herbal remedies for all issues, click the links below to find out more and buy online:

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